Lead With Your Life 


Refresh, Revitalize, and Renew Your Relationships!

 your relationship with your teen, pre-teen, or adult child. (Works in marriages and businesses, too!) 

Revitalize by creating a cohesive, common language and code for your family that can withstand challenge. 

Renew your resolve for a long lost goal, recommit to a relationship, or simply get clear on your next step in life.  

Contact me to discuss rates and how we might work together to achieve your desired outcomes!  

Dear Friends, 

Welcome to your best life!

My message is this: Lead With Your Life!  Be a leader in your life, in your family and in the world.  BE the people we want to be around, and support, challenge and empower others to do the same.  Be willing to do your part to create a more loving, peaceful world for our present and our future. 

My philosophy is based on the belief that with a supportive environment, any willing person can tap into a wealth of inner wisdom and confidence.  My programs and classes empower people with practical tools, a new vocabulary and a safe space that challenges them to move forward in their direction of choice to create the life they desire.   

Let's make 2014 amazing.


Rachel Curry
Personal Effectiveness Coach
Parent and Teen Coach
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