Rachel Curry

EGO = Easing God Out


Oct 11


I went to the chiropractor today.  “Your neck didn’t turn out that way just because you woke up this morning…” she told me.  I know.  It’s a process of small actions over time that compound into that which I find myself living with today- pain.  So, I’m creating a plan to get that managed, to get my neck and back back in alignment.  It’s comforting and hopeful to have professionals who care and are willing to support me to get better so I can be my best. As a coach, that is my desire for my clients, too.

Where else has a small action (or lack of action) over time made a difference in my life, or yours?  Music has always meant something to me- from singing with my dad as a child, to performing in jazz combo in college; it’s been there for me, it’s given me life, it reminds me what I’m made of.  My spirituality has ebbed and flowed over time.  I asked myself just last week, “Huh, what’s missing?” Music.  Duh.  When I sing, that is my worship, my conversation with God, my true self, my origin and true essence.  And how easy it has been in the last year to ease music out… a small, seemingly unimportant lack of action that has left me today with a sense of sadness or longing.  Time to sing again.

How have you Eased God Out in your life?  What small action or lack thereof has created the situation in which you find yourself today?

(Credit for “E.G.O.” goes to Major Ouida Harding from her Dynamic Worship Music Workshop.)

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