Rachel Curry

When You Greet Me, I Practice


Nov 11


I’m getting better at this thing called practice.  It’s never exactly the same.  It can be short or long, meditation or visualization, focused on a reading or an image.  Whatever form it takes, my goal is always to develop discipline and focus in the rest of life, and to honor what is in the current moment.  This morning my attention dwells on an article called “When You Greet Me, I Bow” by Norman Fischer.

A bow expresses our love and respect, but the space between us when we bow also expresses that we understand our aloneness, and that we can never assume we understand one another. We meet in the empty space between us. A space charged with openness, silence, and mystery. 

See the full article here.

My mentors have consistently taught me to extend a strong handshake, a practice which I will not likely throw out in exchange for a physical bow as a result of reading this EGO article.  I ask you to consider this, however… what would life be like today if we infuse our interactions- be them virtual or in person- with deep appreciation for one another?  What a lovely idea to ‘practice” today!

When I greet you, I honor you.  When I think of you, I honor you.  In my thinking of you, I honor myself too.

2 Responses to “When You Greet Me, I Practice”

  1. Diane Ludeking

    Great reminder! I like the explanation of a bow – honoring the space, the aloneness, of another. Thank you for sharing this post.

  2. Rachel Curry

    You’re very welcome! Thanks for stopping by.

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