Rachel Curry

Where Does My Energy Go?


Feb 12


“We often build an altar to our disasters, giving them so much time and attention and energy.  But do we do the same for our blessings?”  -Marianne Williamson

It is fairly common to hold on to difficult situations even after they’ve happened… to complain, to gossip, to revisit them and build on them.  The tension or exhaustion from a “disaster” can remain the same even as time passes… depending on how important I make it in that moment, and the next, and the next.

I notice that I get into my car and my jaw is just as tight as when I got in 30 minutes before.  Hmm.  Days later, something will spark a memory of that same situation and all those emotions will return… still just as fresh.  How long does it last? As long as I let it.

So, what is important?  Time to take an energetic inventory.  Where does my energy go? How much time do I spend thinking about things that have already passed… or haven’t happened yet?

This is not about adopting a surface level positive attitude.  I’m talking about an internal shift, a redirection of energy to areas that are truly priority.

So, what is important? What is worthy of your precious energy… in this moment, and the next, and the next?

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