Rachel Curry

What will it be today – fear or Love?


Feb 12


Am I living today… this moment… out of love or fear?

More specifically:

Do I truly love this person or am I loving only because I fear they will leave me if I don’t?

Do I exercise and stay fit because I love the end result, or because I fear it?

Am I eating this snack because I want nourish my body out of love or appreciation, or because I am anxious about something that is perhaps unrelated?

Is the energy I put into work rooted in a sincere desire to share my skills and encourage those on my team? Or am I worried about losing my job?

Am I adding this event to my calendar because I enjoy it or because I’m afraid someone won’t like me if I decline the invitation?

What about the next thing I will say – is it rooted in love or fear?

My practice has lead me to the understanding that in going through each moment, I find more peace when I trust that the things I fear will get resolved.  I might do it, or someone may help me, but either way, I always have the support of The Divine.  Hands down, I prefer the results that have begun with love.  What about you?

Your Turn: In this moment, from which energy do you speak, think and act – from fear or Love?  Did you decide?  Now, let’s see what today brings…

4 Responses to “What will it be today – fear or Love?”

  1. Bev Kuehn

    Very nice! Both LOVE & FEAR are those 4 letter words, but oh my what a difference. Thank you for your depth & breath & sharing your heart :o)

  2. influenceversuscontrol

    I love the simplicity of the choices. It really is about love OR fear. Our choices are about going towards love, or away from love.

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