Rachel Curry

“Accountability: It isn’t sexy but it works”


Mar 12


Metric- What are you measuring?

Tracking- How are you keeping track of your actions?

Reporting – To whom are you reporting this information?

These are three elements of accountability that my colleague, Coach Mary Olk, outlines in her recent telecall, “Accountability: It isn’t sexy but it works”.  Listen to the audio here: http://www.coacholk.com/accountability-audio/.  I thoroughly enjoyed the 30 minutes I spent listening…  Thanks, Mary!

Accountability is a topic that has negative connotations to many because it makes us think of obligation.  Let’s give the word a makeover.  Start with one small step you could take to move you forward in one area of your life.  (Consider one of those New Year’s resolutions…)

Decide how you will measure and track this.

Find an accountability partner to check in with and set a date.

How did you do?  If you didn’t do what you said you’d would do, what did you learn? Maybe you need to return to the “why” that underlies this initial decision.  Is it important enough to you? …or are you doing it for someone else?

Start small – the goal here is to feel successful and to be free.  Don’t give up because it wasn’t perfect or didn’t turn out the way you expected.

Having a non-judgmental, supportive accountability can be the key to taking that next step to create the life you desire.  Click on my picture to contact me.

Have a great Monday!


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