Rachel Curry

The Space Between


Jun 12


What did you do today?  Have you ever been asked this question?  As if what you DO is the most important thing…  Actually, the person underneath the actions is much more important – would you agree?  I’m not suggestion that we all go around asking one another and ourselves, “How are you being today?” … though it would be an interesting experiment.

What I’m suggesting is that we consider ourselves as part of the equation, and not just focus on our results.  I’m also suggesting to expand our concept of results… to include our state of mind, and our spirit.

Today I had a mostly boring day – at least from the outsider’s point of view.  One exciting meeting, but a lot of paperwork and processing.

But I really enjoyed it.

A boring day can actually be restful.

A boring day can be productive. Quiet. Nourishing.

A boring day prepares me for the exciting ones, and it helps me to be my best.

If our lives are always packed with activity, how can we appreciate how we are growing and developing? The space between–the boring days–allow me to enjoy my life so much more.

Here’s to building in time to integrate how we are learning and growing into our busy lives.

MAKE IT REAL: Make appointments with yourself to ‘integrate’ (reflect, write, plan ahead, report). Put them in your calendar and treat them as you would a very important meeting or event.  Do it for a week.  Notice what changes for you in your health, relationships, and productivity.


2 Responses to “The Space Between”

  1. Laurel

    Great post! It really is so important to slow down sometimes and remember that it’s not about what you do, but who you are! Thanks!

  2. Vidya

    Love this post! Being and doing involve two different energies!

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