Rachel Curry

Two steps at a time


Aug 14


A client recently asked me something like, ‘Should I wait to start looking for Mr. Right until I have my business launched?’ It could have been, “Should I wait to do what I love before I finish my formal education?” or “Should I wait until my kids are moved out before going back to work?”

Any of these questions beg the same underlying thought: “Do I have what it takes to do both?”

Concerned about logistics? It may seem impossible to take on that juicy project at the moment. You don’t have to hit the ground running and go full force. Be strategic with your time. Find what you can do given your circumstances.

It’s your life. You pick the pace.

Concerned about purpose? Do I really care about A and B? Or are either a dream that I inherited from someone else but don’t actually care about? Is this really how I want to spend my one wild and precious life?

Concerned about education and support? Is my current strategy for moving in my desired direction actually working? Do I need new information, resources or support? YouTube is amazing. Google is amazing. Maybe you need a human to sit with you while you do that one task that you are stuck on. Ask for that help.

If this dilemma sounds familiar to you, here are three steps I recommend:

First – Decide if both A and B are important to you.

Then – Determine a realistic commitment to both A and B, taking your current situation into account. (This includes your other commitments that you may not love, but are a part of your life at the moment — most people have a few of these.)

and Then – Do a trial period. Give yourself a month, a week, three months, and then assess- is this balance working for me? Do I need any new information, resources, or support?

So in answer to the underlying question, “Do I have what it takes to do both?” (Yes!)

But do you want to?

Are you willing to?

What is a realistic commitment given your current situation?

What is your plan for forward motion?

Let’s go!

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