Rachel Curry

Is the advice you’re getting in line with who you want to be?


Dec 14


So you’re talking to someone and they’re giving you some great advice. You’re like, “Yeah, that’s exactly what I should do!” HOLD UP. Look at the person’s life. Is it what you want? Are the results they are generating (in their marriage, their business, their career, their job, their relationships…) the results you want to generate in yours?

If you find yourself taking advice from someone who isn’t living proof that their advice actually works, it may be time to move on, no matter how big a game they talk. 

It might be your parents. It might be your husband or wife. It might be you. HA! Yes, you. What advice are you telling yourself that you just aren’t living? Might that be something to STOP RIGHT THIS MINUTE?

Find someone who you actually WANT to emulate and seek opportunities to be around them more.

This can be tricky because cutting people out can be messy, especially if they are family. So I’m going to break that concept right now – this isn’t so black and white. Yes, there will be times when cutting off a relationship makes the most sense. But not always.

Consider this – what if you could still love that person but just take the pressure off from making them your one and only model? What if you didn’t have to make sense of the dissonance between what they say and what they do, and you could just love them for the way they are? And maybe, just maybe, you stepping into your own might give them the permission to become more authentic… 

If you ever needed permission to be the designer of your own life, here it is.


Make it Real:

Decide how can you honor the love and concern someone shows you without losing your own integrity.

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