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What a California move looks like


Jun 15


As some of you know, I coach parents, teens and families, helping them develop mutual trust, love and respect in their relationships. Much of my coaching is done over the phone; many of my clients find it to be the most convenient way to work.

I recently moved across the country, and am now based in the San Francisco Bay Area, which means that if you live here too, you have the option to work with me in person!

What a California move looks like:

Poolside photo

Poolside! Finally!

I’m loving it! I’ve taken several weeks to rest, realign, and reset. The value of this intentional pause for me has been threefold:

1 – I let go of what didn’t really matter for me anymore – in my new life chapter. I decided to say goodbye to some long-held material possessions. Then, because it took some time for my things to ship across the country, I was essentially camping both before and immediately after my move. This gave me the opportunity to live simply for a few weeks. I’m delighted now to have a real bed, but I am forever grateful for the space that a lack of things created before the shipping box arrived. It created physical space (read: emptiness) in my home, which created the opportunity for mental downtime, since I didn’t have anything to look at! With this vacuum of time and space, I found myself asking, What is important to me? Where do I see myself next? What is my heart’s desire?

2 – I built the most important things in first. I love the “Big Rocks” analogy from Stephen Covey. This model is about productivity, but it’s also about designing your life. My big rocks are my spiritual practices, exercising and eating well for my body, and spending time with the people I love. Of course, I’m tying up loose ends from the move and looking for my next career step (my medium rocks), but I make sure to place these things around what is core to me—my big rocks. Saying NO so I can say YES has also been a useful perspective.

3 – I am embracing the support around me. As prepared as I was, moving was still a big deal. Family and dear friends on this coast have made the transition easier, supporting me with love, kindness and generosity as I settled in and prepared to launch this new chapter. I’m also making new friends, uncovering my new spiritual community, and getting some much needed Vitamin D at the pool.

I’m rested, realigned, and reset! I’m excited to see what happens next.


MAKE IT REAL: Is your mind cluttered? How do you create space?


Does this look like your mind today?

6 Responses to “What a California move looks like”

  1. Greg

    Hi Rachel, good luck to you and all that you WILL do. Best

    Check my FB and website

  2. Judy

    Awesome. I like how you work! And just think of all those lucky people who are able to have you as their coach. Keep on that Vitamin D collecting. And happy new adventure!

    • Rachel

      I’m on it – I’ll get the flip flops on! Thank you for your encouragement and support.

  3. Triton

    I respect you Rachel!

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