Rachel Curry

Anything else is a lie


Aug 15


Spoiler alert! You are… Divine. Precious. Needed. Loved. (Got those under control? Then stop reading and go live your beautiful life!!! If you are like me and you’re not quite there yet… keep reading!)

You are… Divine. Precious. Needed. Loved.

Anything else is a lie. Recognize the lies. They may come from people around you, those who have come before you, or an experience you have had… but wherever they are from, call them out for what they are.


And if you need a little help, repeat after me
I am not alone.
I am loved.
I am ALREADY enough.

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And smile already! It can help all the serious stuff melt away. The lies may not ever really go away. So why take them so seriously? If they really want to stay, ask yourself, “How can I be comfortable in my own skin enough to live my best life, even in their presence?”

I like to think of the voices in my head as my committee. Some members actually have something valuable to say–just like some of the people in my life. When the message is useful and empowers me, I pay attention…and say thank you! Other committee members like to spew fear-based garbage. I am learning to tell the difference.

Have you been paying attention to lies? Are you ready to listen to what is real?

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