Rachel Curry

As if you were on T.V.

girl posing for the camera in class


Jan 18


A major television channel was coming to campus. Students and staff alike were mentally getting ready to be featured on camera…as if they themselves were the stars.


Sonia was a gentle, intriguing student. She was the real subject of the show, and I could see why they were following her. She was serious about school and not distracted by being the celebrity. Her personality was one I could see being popular on screen.


The whole experience made me think about how people act on T.V. How about you? Would you smile more? Would you speak like you know someone is listening? Would you complain less? Would you help others more? Act as you would like to be remembered? It seems as though acting as if you were on T.V. all the time might be a good strategy for generating new and positive habits.


Be mature. Be professional. Be kind.


Laugh more. Stand up straight. Dress well.


Say what you mean. Consciously be aware of how your statements show up to others.


Yep, not a bad strategy at all.


Let’s try it, shall we?


For just one hour, act as if you were being filmed and your words and actions would be projected to millions. Write down what you observe about yourself. If that hour is useful to you, amp it up and try it for one full day!


photo credit: uoeducation via photopin (license)

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