Rachel Curry


What people are saying about programs and classes with Rachel:


Do it! For yourself (the parent) and especially for your teenager.

Debbie Schade, mother of two and business owner, Southold, NY



Thank you! I gained a new perspective on how to respect my children, but more importantly to tell them I do…With my large family, learning how to make agreements with them and giving them the space to succeed was extremely helpful…I cannot thank you enough…You are so easy to talk with, and be honest with. I appreciate your assistance and insight…It truly was an amazing experience that I would absolutely recommend to other parents with difficult teens.

Randi Farina, mother of four, Florida, USA



Loving the Teen Years is a great program; gives you lots of great tools for building better, more successful relationships.

Charmaine Doroski, teacher and parent, Shirley, NY



You’d be amazed at what you don’t know about yourself and your children… This program is very simple and sensible, yet profound and effective. And, ‘there is nothing to fear but fear itself…’ Do it!

Real Estate professionals and parents of four, Albuquerque, NM



I learned to listen more carefully and respectfully. As my son matures into true adulthood, its not just a matter of dropping whatever I am doing and listening, but its a matter of listening to him, his process, his current place in his own world and the outside world respecting him…[My son] stated that the coaching experience has made him more comfortable in his own skin and that he no longer worries as much about what others feel about him. He feels more secure…Together with constant prayer, I think that the coaching has been an excellent tool for both our son and for us as parents.

JG, Albuquerque, NM



I would recommend this to other families because it helps focus thoughts and ideas that families share in order to create a more successful relationship with each other. It also brings an outside perspective into the family to find strengths/weaknesses not seen by the family. The Family Coaching Session was a great forum for hearing one another, because everyone felt safe, and all were elevated by the high-minded example set by the coach. It’s so helpful to have a focal point to give direction and clarity of purpose to the family ‘team’ dynamic. Excellent!

Boitano Family, Albuquerque, NM



Rachel is someone I aspire to be like. Her determination, patience and compassion are infectious. Thank you for taking the time to share some of the wisdom you have acquired over the years.

Cynthia Jones



Rachel is a refreshing personality and a wonderful role model and coach.

Sarah Oben



Helpful in bringing the threads of life into a cord of purpose.




Made me think!!! I enjoyed the talk and really got some good tips on taking control of my life.

A. Rodrigues



From only a short session with Rachel, I remembered how to prioritize my life again. Thanks Rachel!

Jake Mas



I needed to hear this. In fact, this is what I want to hear…how I can make myself a person who can express myself, my emotions, and my beliefs to the best of my ability.




Rachel Curry opened the box of aspirations and dreams that I tucked away over these past few months. Now it’s my choice to reach inside that box and get back on track. That feels less scary with Rachel’s single but wise reminder to ‘KEEP MOVING’

Liana Rodrigues



I got from this to think more about what I want in life and how to get [it]. How to plan things out to accomplish things I want. Be more positive.

Samantha Meister



Rachel is not only an effective and great teacher, but she also is a shining example that I resonate with. She’s an inspiration.

Heungkook Stephens, 23 year old



I got a lot out of Rachel’s presentation, from focusing in on three things you want to improve AND having a strong reason as to why you want to make a change. I feel more aware of what I WILL change. Also having an overarching theme to your goals and making that into one strong statement is a powerful and simple way to keep yourself in check! And she is very professional and efficient with her presentation.

Josh Hunter



I enjoyed a very personable and relatable conversation about how to lead my life intentionally. I feel capable to move forward with my goals and make a positive change for my own life.

This was perfect- just what I needed- I’ve been thinking about these things lately & trying to take control of my life. You hit on core, tangible points, & I now have a more solid idea of what exactly I do want to improve. Very engaging, real, & fun!! Thanks so much, this was AWESOME.

Tanya Selle



Thank you, Rachel…Your interactive style has always been a plus and has helped me learn a lot. I especially liked hearing about the four needs and seeing how they play out in my life. It’s helped me make sense of my impulses, and make better goals.

Mike Perkins



Rachel’s talk was incredibly helpful in getting me thinking about the way I’ve been working up to this point. I realized that my strategies tend to be largely undefined which might be why I tend to get frustrated when trying to figure out my next course of action. Rachel’s moving targets model for setting goals does the job of creating that structure while leaving it up to me to define the substance and even the structure of my strategy for success. This appeals to me as I like to keep thinking flexible with a plan that can easily be redefined.

Alex Beebe



The tools you offered help me see the idea of goal setting as a much more manageable task. Thanks!




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