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Mar 16


Only I don’t have baby dragons…

No matter where I am in the world, I seem to power down in the winter months. It’s my pattern and I honor it. There’s something magic about coming out of hibernation from the winter. The sun is out, flowers return, people are outside playing…everything feels more alive. Being a March baby, spring emerges right ...

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Jun 15


What a California move looks like

As some of you know, I coach parents, teens and families, helping them develop mutual trust, love and respect in their relationships. Much of my coaching is done over the phone; many of my clients find it to be the most convenient way to work. I recently moved across the country, and am now based […]

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Dec 14


Is the advice you’re getting in line with who you want to be?

So you’re talking to someone and they’re giving you some great advice. You’re like, “Yeah, that’s exactly what I should do!” HOLD UP. Look at the person’s life. Is it what you want? Are the results they are generating (in their marriage, their business, their career, their job, their ...

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Jun 12


The Space Between

What did you do today?  Have you ever been asked this question?  As if what you DO is the most important thing…  Actually, the person underneath the actions is much more important – would you agree?  I’m not suggestion that we all go around asking one another and ourselves, “How are you being today?” ...

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Mar 12


A Fresh Start to the Day

I just listened to a fresh perspective on health, humanity and healing. Thank you, Vidya, for a great start to the day. My top three favorite gems: 1. Let my “why” determine my action plan. 2. Be involved in my own life (especially when I go to a doctor) 3. When dealing with confusion or […]

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