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Dec 14


Is the advice you’re getting in line with who you want to be?

So you’re talking to someone and they’re giving you some great advice. You’re like, “Yeah, that’s exactly what I should do!” HOLD UP. Look at the person’s life. Is it what you want? Are the results they are generating (in their marriage, their business, their career, their job, their ...

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May 14


How to stand out in an audience, for better or for worse

CRITICIZE THE SPEAKER’S APPROACH IN YOUR MIND, LOUDLY. Think consciously. Your thoughts are loud. If you’re saying “I could do better” or “I already know that” your body language and facial expression will communicate that to the speaker. Not only is that lame-o for them, but it also shuts you down ...

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Nov 13


Attitude check

You don’t deserve anything for just getting out of bed this morning, but you are worthy of respect, love, kindness and compassion simply for being human.  It’s time to be a little more conscious, friends.  Ask yourself, Is my behavior deserving of respect, love, kindness, and compassion? AND, if you’re up for a ...

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Mar 13


How to fight fair.

I think it is WAY easier to want to throw stuff, storm out, or pout over some yummy dark chocolate in the heat of a fight.  But if my goal is to grow as a person and grow closer to those I love, those strategies don’t serve me so well. (I may be right, but […]

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Feb 13


How to be friends with everyone

Really, you want EVERYONE to be your friend? Can you really be friends with everyone? I mean, is it even possible? Your next “dinner with friends” might turn into a Madison Square Garden event. I used to think I could be friends with everyone. I kept numbers/emails from intriguing people I’d meet on my travels. […]

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