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Barrel that says "Have Fun"


Oct 15


Making a deadline work for you / A system for people who hate systems

Did anyone else work up until the last moment of a deadline in high school? I did that all the time. Sometimes I’d stay up to all hours finishing something…or procrastinating until the final hour when I really just had to get it done. Thankfully, my high school work isn’t anything that I have to […]

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Mar 12


“Accountability: It isn’t sexy but it works”

Metric- What are you measuring? Tracking- How are you keeping track of your actions? Reporting – To whom are you reporting this information? These are three elements of accountability that my colleague, Coach Mary Olk, outlines in her recent telecall, “Accountability: It isn’t sexy but it works”.  Listen to ...

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Feb 12


What will it be today – fear or Love?

Am I living today… this moment… out of love or fear? More specifically: Do I truly love this person or am I loving only because I fear they will leave me if I don’t? Do I exercise and stay fit because I love the end result, or because I fear it? Am I eating this […]

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