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Who knows how many transitions we each go through in our lives? At each big time of change in my life, I sought out a supportive environment to help me get through whatever it was. The biggest lie we can believe is that we are alone. When we ask for help in a new situation, we set ourselves up for success. We realize how much we already know. We realize what we can use from the past and what we can let go of. We build our resiliency. We grow, we change, we adapt, and we get better. Transitions in life can break us or make us stronger. We can avoid them, or we can take them on. 

My work as a coach is to help you tap into your inner wisdom, develop your confidence, identify barriers, find your willingness, and from there, create something entirely new. After working with me, clients experience more freedom, clarity, and ease. 


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Work with me

woman holding a suitcase. click here to learn more about 1-1 coaching

1-1 Coaching

Move from where you are now to where you want to be.

woman holding her arms up looking into the sunset. click here to learn more about emotional clearing

emotional clearing

A simple tool for clearing stuckness to help you make decisions and live life more freely.

what people are saying


Jean b.

Rachel is a superb coach! She is intuitive, discerning and assertive. Each time we work together, I am confident that she'll "see" or "know" what I am unable to see for myself. I strongly recommend her as a coach!

cynthia a.

Rachel coached me in time management, personal finance management, teamwork and leadership skills. She is very professional. She has excellent interpersonal skills. I have nothing to say about needing improvement because I believe whatever needs to be improved will come with determination and dedication to the craft and art of whatever you do, which Rachel has an abundance of both.

matthew L.

Rachel is an amazing coach! I did a clearing with her and she helped me understand a lot about myself and my own thoughts. She helped me become aware of beliefs that I didn't even know I held. She helped me recognize that those thoughts were founded in events that were interpreted in a child's perspective and are simply not true. I knew that these were important events in my life, but this was the first time that I understood their significance and connection to how they have been affecting how I live my life. Most importantly she helped me let go of those negative beliefs, acknowledge where they came from, and to know that they are not true. The whole experience was calming and freeing. She is a wonderful and caring person and I would highly recommend her as a coach!

jen C.

I found the clearing process to be extremely helpful in untangling long-held psychological knots, in a way that was patient, refreshing, and liberating. I appreciated the affirmation at each step of the exercise, which helped to release each bit of tension. The length and meditative nature of the process gave me the time and space to naturally reach a place of healing.

Myrna L.

This was my first experience with Rachel as a coach and I was deeply moved by her commitment to me having a successful experience with the clearing process. By helping me to prepare with background homework, I felt at ease with this process that was new to me. Rachel guided me through the process with care and support. Her patience and intuitive prompts helped me feel at ease and confident as we moved through the steps of the clearing. I would recommend Rachel as a dedicated and caring professional who helped me gain clarity about my path forward.