a message to parents

the seven ways

If you RESPECT me, I will hear you.

If you LISTEN to me, I will feel understood.

If you UNDERSTAND me, I will feel appreciated.

If you APPRECIATE me, I will know your support.

If you SUPPORT me as I try new things, I will become responsible.

When I am RESPONSIBLE, I will grow to be independent.

In my INDEPENDENCE, I will respect you and love you all of my life.

Thank you, 

Your Teenager

what is "the seven ways?"

The Seven Ways to Coach Your Teen "poem" came about through speaking to teens about what they were and were not getting from the adults in their lives. It is a call for help from the next generation, asking us to show up for them in a way that we may have never had when we were teens. This approach is simple to learn, easy to use, and it gets results!

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hear it from them

The Parent as Coach Approach is based on The Seven Ways - the seven desperate requests from teens. 

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