About Rachel

lead with your heart

In the last 17 years, I have worked with hundreds of parents, teens, and families helping them to build mutual trust, love, and respect in their relationships. 

My journey with life coaching began after my sophomore year in college. I had studied in Spain for a semester and it changed me. With my heart and mind open, I took on a leadership role in a local two-week service learning program, designed to give high school students practical opportunities to practice peace through service. We had some excellent teachers, one of whom was Diana Sterling, a Life Coach.

When I was around Diana, I stood a little taller, felt more confident, produced quality work and accomplished more. After two weeks of working together, I was hooked. When I graduated from college, I jumped immediately into Diana’s coaching certification program. At the time, I was the youngest student to graduate as a Certified Parent and Teen Coach. 

One of my very first clients taught me an important lesson, to  Lead With Your Heart. "I woke up one morning not knowing who's life I was living." She had everything: a great job, a great house, a great husband, great kids, but she had forgotten to care for herself; she had forgotten her heart. So this is my message to the world, and especially to women: Lead With Your Heart.


I am committed to global citizenship, integrity, responsibility, and compassion. I have learned who I am through traveling, seeing other life perspectives, being curious, and listening.

My coaching philosophy is informed by the ICF Core Competencies, and based on the belief that with a supportive environment, any willing person can tap into a wealth of inner wisdom and confidence. My classes and programs empower people with practical tools, a new vocabulary and a safe space that frees them to move forward and create the life they desire.

Professional Bio

● Power of Clearing Certification, On Purpose Coaching

● M.A., Higher Education Administration, Stony Brook University
● Quantum Leap Member of Peak Potentials Training (top-tier professional courses focused on financial health and personal growth)
● Certified Parent, Teen and Family Coach, Academy for Family Coach Training
● B.A., Spanish and Global Studies, Pacific Lutheran University