emotional clearing

So many very dramatic things happen to us in life that we get upset about - little things and big things. All of these "upsets" teach us where we still have a need to heal our mind. These upsets are responses to what we learned about ourselves in our formative years, generally before the age of seven. The reason we get upset in present day is more linked to these childhood experiences than it is to what is happening right in front of us.

The Clearing Process is a mind-healing process. It is simple and painless, and in our 1:1 sessions, I guide you through the entire thing. You can clear on any number of topics or relationships: Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Coaches, Teachers, Religious Figures, Bosses, Love, Money, Time, Sex, Success, Career... 

Maybe something just happened in your life that you know you need some help around - you found out about infidelity in your marriage, you discovered a health issue in your family, you found out you're pregnant, you lost your job, or you feel willing to take a look underneath your crippling anxiety or depression. 

Whatever you think is most charged for you in your life right now, that is the place to start. You have no idea how much energy you are funneling into that stuck place until you clear it. And when you do, you have all that energy to funnel wherever. you. want.

Can you imagine your life without that nagging thought that you're always doing it wrong, that belief that you'll always be alone, that outdated perspective that it isn't safe to learn new things? Let go of the negative beliefs that you no longer need, and move forward to experience the freedom, confidence, and ease that are waiting for you. 

how does it work?

Imagine there are two children playing on the playground, and one decides to get up and walk away. We don't know why; perhaps they needed a potty break, were thirsty, bored, or angry with their friend. No matter the reason, the one left behind chooses to make sense of this experience by deciding that their friend left because "I am meant to be alone." In middle school this same child, now a teenager, is in a group project and their team members are slacking. It doesn't surprise them, because they are used to it by now. They've had many experiences since the playground that reinforce that "I am meant to be alone." 

Now imagine how this belief plays out in the friendships, marriages, businesses, of this child who is now an adult. This belief is so core to who they are that the thought that it isn't true doesn't even cross their mind. It would undo everything that they've known before. 

Emotional Clearing looks at the underlying belief that is no longer useful to this child who is now an adult. It allows the veil to be lifted and the adult to now see their lives with mature eyes, as opposed to the eyes of a child who is still hurting or confused. This allows you to move forward to experience freedom, confidence, and ease.

ready to invest in yourself?

six sessions: roots & origins

Clear on the top six areas that affect the way you created your initial beliefs about who you are and how you show up in the world: mom(s), dad(s), health, money, love, + one more of your choice.

See how you feel when you untie yourself from the past and see your present with clear eyes.   $1450

individual sessions

Initial Session $300, Subsequently $250 each, or $150/hr


Clearing can be done in person, over the phone, or using Zoom. Time limits are flexible, as the process is fluid. Three hours recommended for the initial session; time decreases with familiarity with the process.