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After years of working with women of all ages, I find that many of us forget who we are, or never feel like we've ever known. It is never too late to discover (or rediscover) Walk with me. Let's go on an adventure. Get excited about you and what makes you tick. Find upsets. Let's heal them. Get real. Speak those long lost dreams into being.

What is waiting for you if you were to let go? 







You might be thinking, I have done all this personal work already, why do I still struggle, why do I still feel the need to do more? Truly, what other sacred work is really worth our time? Stay with it; this personal development process is forever unfolding. And you are not alone. 

I work with women who want more trust, love and respect in their relationships. This can mean relationships with others - parents, children, extended family, coworkers, friends... but it also can mean your relationship with yourself, or your relationship with food, your body, money, love, or success. 

The relationship you have with yourself is the most influential one, because it can impact all others. So this is where we begin. Negative self-talk, self-defeating thoughts, and self-destructive habits can get in the way of truly living. We are investing our energy in any given relationship at any given time. Where will you choose to allow your energy to flow? 

I invite you to wake up to yourself. It's time. Get into the driver’s seat. Get your life back.





The Clearing Process is an accelerated way to heal upsets, worry, pain or suffering in YOUR life, so you can get back in the driver’s seat and live with joy and ease. 



This individual Coaching Program is based on you. What results are you looking to create? How fast do you want to go? You set the destination and the pace. 



This combination of Coaching and Clearing creates a unique space where you can identify what's holding you back, heal it, and make a plan for forward motion.

what people are saying


Jean b.

Rachel is a superb coach! She is intuitive, discerning and assertive. Each time we work together, I am confident that she'll "see" or "know" what I am unable to see for myself. I strongly recommend her as a coach!

cynthia a.

Rachel coached me in time management, personal finance management, teamwork and leadership skills. She is very professional. She has excellent interpersonal skills. I have nothing to say about needing improvement because I believe whatever needs to be improved will come with determination and dedication to the craft and art of whatever you do, which Rachel has an abundance of both.

matthew L.

Rachel is an amazing coach! I did a clearing with her and she helped me understand a lot about myself and my own thoughts. She helped me become aware of beliefs that I didn't even know I held. She helped me recognize that those thoughts were founded in events that were interpreted in a child's perspective and are simply not true. I knew that these were important events in my life, but this was the first time that I understood their significance and connection to how they have been affecting how I live my life. Most importantly she helped me let go of those negative beliefs, acknowledge where they came from, and to know that they are not true. The whole experience was calming and freeing. She is a wonderful and caring person and I would highly recommend her as a coach!

jen C.

I found the clearing process to be extremely helpful in untangling long-held psychological knots, in a way that was patient, refreshing, and liberating. I appreciated the affirmation at each step of the exercise, which helped to release each bit of tension. The length and meditative nature of the process gave me the time and space to naturally reach a place of healing.

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clearing - Investment & details

Initial Session - $250

Package of Three - $600 

Subsequently, $150/hr or $250 for one

Clearing can be done in person, over the phone, or using Zoom. Time limits are flexible, as the process is fluid. Three hours is recommended for the initial session.


coaching - investment & details

Twelve Sessions - $1500 (or $525/mo) 

Six Sessions - $750 (or 400/mo)

Jumpstart Program (Two Sessions) - $250

Costs above are based on weekly 60 min. sessions, though 30/90 min. sessions and/or biweekly schedule options are available. Coaching done virtually or via phone.

For returning clients - Drop-In Coaching - $150/hr



Six Coaching Sessions + Three Clearings - $1500 (or $525/mo)

Three Coaching Sessions + One Clearing - $625

Coaching sessions are 60 minutes each unless otherwise discussed. Clearing time limits are flexible, as the process is fluid. Three hours is recommended for the initial session.

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