the clearing, demystified


free introduction to the clearing process

This free 60 minute presentation is for any group looking to deepen their self-awareness and heighten their communication skills. 

Learn the backbone of a simple inquiry-based method to healing your suffering and pain, and move towards connection, safety and freedom. 

for you

Identify specific upsets in your life that could be cleared on.

for your group

Use the experience to become closer as a group.

about rachel

Rachel has been using the Clearing  Process personally since 2006. Since getting certified in 2014, Rachel uses her Power of Clearing Coaching Certification to assist clients to live with joy and ease.

about clearing

The Clearing is an inquiry based coaching method that unlocks long-held emotions. It is a simple and painless way to address the issues that keep us from enjoying our lives. 


Have a community that would benefit from this free presentation? Contact me to set this up in person, over the phone, or virtually.

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